Sudu heenati 

This variety of rice is named sudu heeneti because of the whitish-straw color of it’s paddy it is traditionally cultivated in sri lanka and produces a bold red grain

The culm develops to about 135cm in height. This crop can be harvested within 4 months from seeding. The potential yield is about 60 to 80 bushels per acre.

Currently sudu heenati is widely cultivated in all parts of sri lanka. 

It is reported to perform well as an organic crop

Traditionally it is believed that sudu heenati is helps enhance the humn immune system, and is used as a remedy for constipation 

Scientific students have found evidence of medicinal properties useful for the treatment of inflammation, diabetes, cancer, neurological diseases, cholesterol and oxidative stress it is also a rich source of vitamin E and naturally occurring antioxidants consumption with the bran is important in obtaining such valuable nutritional and medicinal properties

Director :-Ashen sankalpa

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Director by:- Ashen sankalpa